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tv   ABC 13 News 7  ABC  February 12, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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shin >> mark: tonight, ashley white is guilty. we have details on the judge's decision. plus what should you do if there's an active shooter? priscilla kaiser spent the afternoon learning what to do at the sheriff's office. >> george: i'll let you know when to expect accumulating snow. >> mark: we begin tonight with a live look over lynchburg. it's been below freezing all
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let's head over to church george flickinger with the forecast. >> george: it is going to get colder for continue and we're going to stay below freezing for the entire weekend. temperatures are going to be in the 20s and 30s this weekend. it's 27 in lynchburg, 32 in danville, 31 in blacksburg. the wind is going to get stronger this evening. the wind chills in the teens are going to be much colder by tomorrow morning. coming up latering we'll let you know when to expect the coldest weather. >> mark: and you can find complete weather coverage on our website and social media sites at now, for the aftermath from the fire at the dan river mill. katie brooke has been out there today and has the very latest. mark, i want to show you what is happening here tonight.
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at the scene, and i'm told that it has been contained. crews are coming and going working to keep this a safe site. the dan river plant opened in the 1940s. it's a place were generation after generation worked, although it's been closed for ten years. it still had a place in the community's heart and now they're devastated it's destroyed. >> this area was referred to as the distribution center. >> reporter: pat moorfield started working here when she was 19 and stayed for 32 years. she says she's never had another job like it. >> we were like family. you knew everybody, all three shifts. >> reporter: the factory that employed nearly 500 people has been empty for nearly ten years. >> you always live with the hope that maybe somebody else
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be a boom town again. >> reporter: a wish that has gone up in smoke. >> closing it was bad enough, but seeing it burn was just so sad. >> reporter: she hopes something new will be built in its place. >> it's taken away a piece of the area. and it's hard on us. and you don't think you'd become attached to something like that, but you do. >> reporter: crews are here and still coming to be sure that this fire stays contained. the director of public safety says i commend everyone that tackled the issue. in brookneal, katie brooke, abc-13 news. >> mark: the verdict came down about an hour ago in a high-profile case. ashley white is guilty. white is the mother of noah thomas who was found dead in a septic tank last march after
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judge bradley finch count white guilty on three counts of felony child abuse and neglect. he said that white's own testimony at times was not credible. and he also found the conditions that the children were raised in to be deplorable. police say there'll now be significantly less drug activity in the streets of martinsville. they arrested 14 mid--upper level drug dealers in that area and they say that they'll arrest more. so far the 14 arrested have a total of 51 charges and 86 indictments. >> we decided rather than doing a 2-year investigation that we would do a 4, 5 month investigation, make an arrest. and do a good job of sending the message to the drug dealers in our community that we're serious.
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switched their approach after learning that drug dealing is the community's number one concern. shootings could happen anywhere. where we work, go to church, and school. the bedford county sheriff's office want you and your family to stay safe until their able to get to the scene. priscilla kaiser shows us the training session designed to save lives. >> reporter: it can and has happened. you're working at your desk and an active shooter walks in. would you know what to do? the bedford county sheriff's office says most people could give up, but they're hoping to change that. they're going around the community and training churches and businesses on how to save lives. they say that you must respond in one of three ways. let me show you how run, hide, flight could work. i could run.
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if i don't make it fast enough, i need to hide under my desk. if that doesn't work, i need to fight. and captain millier says that you need to be willing to follow through. captain miller told me in one class alone, more than 100 people attended. >> mark: they are standing in solidarity with their fallen brothers and sisters. deputies in bedford county are now wearing blue ribbons. it comes in response to the deaths of seven sheriff's deputies in this week alone. one incident took place in maryland. there, two deputies were shot and killed in a panera restaurant. >> this is one of the worst weeks that i have ever encountered with police officers being killed in the line of duty. >> mark: the sheriff's office
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through next week. state police are following new leads to locate a 15-year-old boy. he's wanted after police say he led them on a chase spanning two counties after refusing to pull over for a traffic. police say that driver lost control and crashed on 220 in roanoke county. then they say he took off. they say they're confident the new lead will help them catch that teen. food lion is the latest company to donate a trailer of food to feeding west virginia. some of the produce includes carrots, onion, and celery. governor mcauliffe says nearly 422,000 virginia residents signed up for health coverage through the marketplace.
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of people who signed up during the latest open enrollment period which ended on january 1st. valentine's day is less than two days away. just ahead, find out what advice one local shop has when buying flowers for your
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test test >> mark: are you ready? valentine's day is just around the corner, and florists are feeling the rush. because the
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gorgeous flowers in roanoke says today was their busiest day for delivery. hink they'll be just as busy on sunday with walk-in traffic. this year poses challenges weather-wise. florists have to take special care of those flowers to keep them from freezing. they say to keep the flowers looking as nice as possible, shop local. >> don't go to the internet and by willy-nilly on there without knowing where you're purchasing from. a lot of businesses take orders and try to relay those orders to local florists. >> mark: he also said you should order ahead so you don't have to leave to florist empty-handed. high schoolers are using their art skills to feed the hungry. george washington high school is partnering with god's storehouse for one of the
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empty bowls. on february 26th, people will pay $15 for soup and they get to take home the bowl. it's an international grassroots project to help raise awareness about hunger. students say it's about learning to new craft while giving back to the community. >> [indiscernible] >> it's this thing that we're doing. >> mark: last year, god's storehouse raised $5,000. for ticket information, go to >> and i just started gasping and crying and saying oh, my gosh. i can't believe it. >> mark: chocolates, flowers, jewelry are the usual valentine's day gifts. find out what one husband in indiana did to surprise his wife. >> george: and today is the
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>> mark: so this is a flower. i'm not giving it to george. i just want to get that straight right now. we were talking about how, you know, flowers are so sensitive to this cold weather just like we are. >> george: and you're kind of wondering in that story that we're talking about about valentine's day. >> george: right. and it's extra work for them. the way. >> george: if you have to travel somewhere to see your valentine, even though the weather is going to be frigid, no travel problems. that's going to change by monday morning. during the a.m. hours for monday, the snow will begin. and then it will really start a to accumulate during the afternoon hours for your monday. here's a summary of the winter weather that we're tracking. this is not going to go down
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winter storm, but it could be a messy winter storm as we're going to see rain, sleet, and snow. accumulating snow is likely. for most of us on monday, 2-5 inch totals with 4-9 inch totals in the mountains. and on tuesday, the temperatures will rise and this will transition from snow to a mix of sleet and rain. and this means the roads could be slippery late monday-tuesday as the temperatures rise. and here's our preliminary forecast. 2-5 inch totals being most common. this includes lynchburg-danville. and especially into southwestern virginia, i think that southwestern virginia we could have those higher amounts. and in appomattox, farmville, and richmond, we could see lower amounts.
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we need to move this line either which to see if we see higher or lower amounts. the question is how much ice is in the storm and when it begins. that will greatly affect the amount of know we get. the temperature is at 27 and there is a breeze near ten miles per hour. the weather map for saturday looks quiet but it is going to be breezy with northwest winds at times gusting over 20 miles per hour. that's going to give us single digits near ten degrees. and by monday morning, this is light snow. this area -- this blue, violet color here, this is light snow moving in before we see heavier snow in the p.m. hours for your beyond. tonight, lows in the teens. amherst 16. appomattox 18. alta vista 18.
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your hourly weather for saturday. this looks cold enough. we'll stay in the 20s all day. but with the wind, wind chills between 0-10 degrees. when you wake up in the morning, single digit wind chills. and saturday night, single digit wind chills. highs tomorrow upper 20s-30s. danville 31. your 7-day forecast shows dry weather through valentine's day. the heaviest of the snow falling monday afternoon-monday night. and overall this is going to be a messy storm when that sleet and rain mixes in. 3-5 inch totals will be most common. my best advice, stay with us at abc-13. we'll keep you updated of any changes throughout the weekend. and drier weather for wednesday.
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something special for his wife on valentine's day. patrick sullivan said that his wife patti asks for modest gifts, but he had something different in mind this year. >> i was driving by a billboard and said that would make a really nice valentine card. >> mark: it reads "27 years and counting. you complete me." >> the couple married in 1988 and have three kids and a new grandchild.
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>> mark: abuse of power. that's the charge from some
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say the government is cut you go off funds for businesses it simply doesn't like. >> reporter: pat o'connor says she did everything right. >> we have one for -- >> reporter: federal licenses, state licenses, fees. all to open up her own business. but when she was finally ready to open her doors, she had others slammed in her face. >> i realized there was a problem when the bank manager said they couldn't offer us credit card processing with their bank account because of our industry. >> reporter: she was part of operation choke point, designed to prevent banks from boing businesses with companies that could be doing fraud.
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>> so we're turning off legal businesses doing legal business. >> reporter: the departments of justice declined our request for interviews but pointed us to testimony on the matter given here on capitol hill back in 2014. >> the strategy aims to hold accountable the people that violent the law. >> reporter: o'connor says there's no illegal paperwork. >> they go ahead and give you a license saying go ahead and do business. and then the next day they say don't do business with these people. >> reporter: some are getting caught in the cross hairs of regulations. >> mark: a mock convention is happening right now in lexington at washington and
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tonight, bob goodlatte, ann coulter, and dick cheney are speaking. the event attempts to pick the presidential nominee. there have only been two incorrect picks since 1948. abc-13 does have a crew there. we'll bring you the very latest tonight at 11:00.
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here's a live look at i would kill for something sweet. i know...
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one? are you kidding? we'll end up eating like thirty. wanna split that?, soooo much fat... don't fight your instincts. with each for 150 calories or less! try our chocolatey brownies, tangy lemon bars and creamy cheesecakes fiber one. go on, have one. >> mark: all right. the internet has changed how some people find love. and now smart phones are changing how some people find friends. 73% of college goers say that they use tinder to find friends.
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>> george: ah. >> mark: on their smart phones. and laptops. >> george: it does work. computer dating is how i found my wife. >> mark: i forgot. and for those of you that will be spending your weekend with
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blowup before the tonight, kanye versus taylor, the new face-off over this song. me and taylor may have sex >> inside the grammy bad blood battleground. >> she mentions kanye west like he mentions her. >> said/she said feud. plus hear what the kardashian plan is saying about the controversy. >> our kris jenner exclusive, opening up about the oj mini miniseries. >> do you still keep in touch with nicole and oj's kids? barry manilow's hospital scare. complications after emergency surgery. we have the latest his health
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plus bradley cooper's supermodel girlfriend, swimming with sharks. an -- >> i'm single. >> shirtless maxim and value. now for february the 12th 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." hi, everybody. thank you for joining us. hope you had a great week. let's get right to i kanye versus taylor. will there be bad blood at the grammys? we thought that peace could be kept between two great musical nations. taylor swift and kanye west. but we're heating up this fe again. debuted his new album, which includes the lyric calling taylor swift the b-word. kanye claims taylor was cool with the song, tweeting i did


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